I Went Shopping… Again

Hello My Beauties!

I haven’t posted in a little while, sorry ’bout that! I just got back from a long “vacation” and I needed to relax a little. But I’m back with another video, and then a normal posting schedule from now on! I hope that you guys enjoy this Thrifting, Target, and Ulta haul!

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 7.47.23 AM



Maxi Dress


Two Pairs of High Waisted Pants (will become shorts)


Batiste Dry Shampoo with a Hint of Brown Color

Maybelline LashSensational in Black

Disappointing product (you have to watch to see!)

Ulta Matte Lipstick in 250


Thank you for watching/reading! I post every Mon./Wed./Fri./ and Sat. Stay tuned for more!

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,

Marin XO

The Bestie Tag!

Hello My Beauties!

My friend Walker and I were at Target (bless that place) one night when we decided to do a Youtube challenge that we possibly made up? I’m not going to go on record for that. This is what happened.

We bought 11 different foods; some were tasty chocolates, some were possibly good candies, and others consisted of string cheese and Berry Oreos!

Sounds fun, right? Yeah, it was 🙂 Rules to the game are BELOW!


  • We formulated 11 questions to ask to one another about ourselves.( It’s like proving we know each other!)
  • If the person who receives the question gets it wrong, the person who asked the question gets to choose what gross thing the first person will have to eat.
  • If the person who receives the question gets it right (which we mostly did), then that person gets to choose what they are going to eat.

If that seems confusing, just watch the video and it will be all cleared up! Please comment below if you decide to do something like this with your friend or loved one! It’s really entertaining and I’d love to hear about it!

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,

Marin XO

Target Beauty Haul

I used BeFunky Photo editor: www.befunky.com
I used BeFunky Photo editor: http://www.befunky.com

So I went to the local Target and I ended up getting some makeup products that I have tried and will now review for you guys! Some of these items I really like and others did not work out for me, either because of the shade or that particular product. But I promise to be completely honest in my reviews of each item as well as provide alternative products for the ones I did not like. Thank you for reading and enjoy!

Comb: So, funny story, I went to my friend’s family’s lake house and I left my favorite comb and hair brush there so that is why I bought this. My old one was also a Conair brush, though it was a slightly different style. I still like this one though, it is kinda cheaper than my other one but I like that it is a combination of wide and normal teeth.

Brush: Also left my hair brush at the house so I bought this brush. I was heavily debating on buying the new Wet Brush but I decided to go slightly safer and get another Conair since I don’t know a lot about it. This is actually a really nice one too! It is very light weight and leaves my hair feeling super smooth without making it too frizzy. I have curly, thick, layered hair that frizzes very easily and is prone to breakage so I usually comb it out, but I always appreciate a good brush.

e.l.f Brushes: I got a concealer brush and an eyeshadow brush. I only buy select items from e.l.f, mainly because I have a lot of favorite makeup brands that I don’t stray from but also because I am slightly skeptical of the quality of the makeup. I do have friends that stand by the brand religiously, but I personally do not buy a whole lot. I do have a couple of brushes though and they work fairly well. My favorite makeup tool company is Real Techniques, but I appreciate that I can get an eyeshadow brush for $3. The concealer brush worked fairly well but it would not be my first choice. The eyeshadow brush on the other hand is very helpful!

e.l.f Eyeshadow: I do not really like this eyeshadow. I like that it is very pigmented, but it crumbles very easily and is slightly messy to apply. I like that each color has a different purpose (base, crease, lid, etc). I personally really like Wet n’ Wild eyeshadow trio which is basically the same thing but very easy to apply.

e.l.f Tinted Moisturizer: I have gotten this before but it was a long time ago so I decided to try it again and see if I like it. It is a tinted moisturizer so it does not do a whole lot other than moisturize, but I like it as a “replacement foundation” on days when I am not going anywhere or doing simple errands. I always use my concealer with it since it does not have good coverage, it just slightly corrects the skin tone.

Maybelline Concealer: My friend had a bottle of FIT ME foundation by Maybelline and she gave it to me because it was slightly too dark for her, so I decided to get the concealer to match. The color was 115 and the concealer was 15, which turned out to be too light for me. Anyways I really liked this concealer! I already have a favorite one by NYX that I like slightly more, mostly because it is very easy to blend and works well with my skin type. I did notice that this one did not wear as well and needed to be applied multiple times in order to get the same coverage as my favorite concealer.

EOs Hand Lotion:  I just picked this up for a dollar at the checkout counter! I have always wanted to try their lotions since I had tried (and loved) their little egg lip balm. The scent is Berry Blossom and it feels very nice! I keep it in my purse if I ever need a quick dryness fix or want to smell slightly sweet!

Until Next Time,

Marin S.