The Bestie Tag!

Hello My Beauties!

My friend Walker and I were at Target (bless that place) one night when we decided to do a Youtube challenge that we possibly made up? I’m not going to go on record for that. This is what happened.

We bought 11 different foods; some were tasty chocolates, some were possibly good candies, and others consisted of string cheese and Berry Oreos!

Sounds fun, right? Yeah, it was 🙂 Rules to the game are BELOW!


  • We formulated 11 questions to ask to one another about ourselves.( It’s like proving we know each other!)
  • If the person who receives the question gets it wrong, the person who asked the question gets to choose what gross thing the first person will have to eat.
  • If the person who receives the question gets it right (which we mostly did), then that person gets to choose what they are going to eat.

If that seems confusing, just watch the video and it will be all cleared up! Please comment below if you decide to do something like this with your friend or loved one! It’s really entertaining and I’d love to hear about it!

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,

Marin XO

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