Hitting up Aerie, Aeropostale, and Forever 21

Hello Beauties!

Whilst Christmas shopping, my mom and I started peaking around for ourselves. What can I say, we’re slightly selfish when it comes to finding deals! And let me tell you, there were so. Many. Deals. I’ll say more later so keep reading Loves!


Of course, I had to exchange some leggings and once I got in the store I ended up buying. A lot. Currently, there is a 6 for $20 on all undies there so I would CHECK IT OUT if you are in the market for some pretty panties! I know I have to keep rotating the ones with blood stains (TMI sorry but get used to it). The progressive brand has come out with really cute high-waisted underwear for those who feel more comfortable or curious in that style of underwear. I have never tried it personally, so I bought a few to see how they feel and hold up (PSA from future Marin editing this: They are sooooo nice). I also grabbed one of the new triangle bralettes in what I can only describe as periwinkle. They are originally $24 but it was half off for what I’m assuming is a limited time deal so I would act fast if you’re in the market for a new little number. Add it to the collection!

I also picked up a pair of the Move Leggings in a heather grey. They have that slick material on the outside and then a soft flannel on the inside, so not exactly athletic wear but perfect for the winter/Michigan blizzards!


Apparently Aeropostale is 70% off since they are reopening with a completely different look, and thus completely different merchandise. While I haven’t shopped at Aeropostale in ages, getting a $24 dollar shirt for $8 is pretty damn good. So, we popped in and ended up finding some good pieces! I got this black cross-front top for Christmas parties and whenever the occasion calls for much cleavage (Ladies, you know what I’m saying). Then I got this crushed-velvet knit sweater, which happens to be cropped as well, in evergreen. Again, this was originally $44 and I got it for $13. Praise. I also picked up a pack of socks for a dollar because why not!? Also, who doesn’t like that pattern?


Finally, we ended at Forever 21 for the cutest little cropped turtle necks I have ever seen. The cream coloring, the fabric, the tiny print– all of it reminds me of the shirts my mom would dress me in. My mother cringed at the sight of them since SHE remembers wearing similar ones as a little girl! I can’t wait to pair them with high-waisted jeans, corduroy skirts, and big sweaters this winter!




Take A Minute for the Mask

Hello Beauties!

We’re all guilty of spreading ourselves a bit too thin. Even if the task at hand is something that we absolutely love, there will be days when it gets a bit too stressful. Trust me, I know. I might be queen of Stresstopia. My calendar looks like a freaking mess, and at the end of the day so do I. I’m all too familiar with putting my health on the back burner just to free up some time in my day.

Something that I like to do to combat this very bad habit that we all seem to have is to find a good face mask, maybe a friend to share it with, and just chill. The chill part can be a multitude of things: reading, watching Netflix, listening to jungle sounds, sitting in silence. So if you provide the chill, then I’ll provide the masks, okay?

P.S. I realized that all of these are mud masks, apparently I don’t have a lot of variety in my life…



I absolutely love this mask because it’s not too powerful. It smells great and is incredibly light, which is different for a mud mask. I’ve found that it doesn’t work as instantaneously as the other products I’m going to talk about, but I would most definitely recommend it if you’re in need of a simple pick-me-up. Chill Recommendation: Bath or 10 minute lying meditation.



I love Formula 10.0.6 products. They are so kind to your skin and really well made, so if you have more sensitive skin then I’d most definitely pick up this mask. It works incredibly well without over-drying or irritating your skin. It also smells like peaches so why not? Chill Recommendation: Reading and or watching Netflix with fruit water. Fruit water is essential. You know what, grab a friend and watch The Fall. It’s great, a bit scary but the sexy Irish men make up for it.



This Que Bella Beauty mask is a cult classic in my book. All of their masks are very well made and incredibly effective while being affordable. They also come in little individual packets if you want to experiment with the different kinds they offer. Anyways this is my go-to for a standard mud mask. It is very muddy and very masky. Fair warning. Chill Recommendation: Honestly go all out with it. Have a freaking spa day, you deserve it!



This is a very intense mask so be very careful. It’s got a bit of a clay/paste base to it, but it works extremely fast and can most definitely irritate your skin if you leave it on too long. I would definitely stick to the smallest recommended amount of time and then experiment from there. But don’t be scared by it, just be slightly wary of it and you’ll survive. Chill Recommendation: DO NOT USE IN THE BATH IT WAS A MISTAKE.

Until Next Time,

Marin XO

This is my Happiness Journal


I firmly believe that every single being on this planet has a place where they feel so completely “right”, your soul’s home if you will.

My trip to Italy was an awakening of sorts. I was thrown out of my comfort zone, and my country, at a time when I didn’t think I could handle it. But it’s true to say that the things you want, and ultimately need, are just past your boundaries. This trip was scary at first, slightly frustrating as well, but in the end so needed.


Florence had a special impact on me. Immediately I felt at home, I felt safe, I felt like I was one with the city. I could go on and on about the sites and the history, but that’s besides the point. The point is that even when I was lost, I wasn’t afraid. And I felt at home with myself there. I let my hair go natural in big curls and ringlets. I went out with minimal makeup and cared about being healthy in my skin. It was freeing to feel so accepted being my absolute self, and the positive reactions of total strangers reassured me.


Leaving was difficult. After finally existing in a place where I felt so genuinely myself, it was hard to come back to the U.S. where school and social pressures awaited me. I was scared to lose this discovered part of me and the last thing I wanted was to just blend back in to the crowds. As a solution I created this journal and filled it with pictures, tickets, business cards, anything and everything of my time in Florence. With those physical pieces I’m going to write down the memories associated with them. This is my way of holding on to that piece of me and my time there. I still have a bit to go and a lot to write, but it feels more than worth it to relieve each moment spent there.

Personally, this idea has helped greatly. I don’t exactly journal… ever, so completing a daily list of the aspects of my life that make me happy is intimidating. Instead I just compile all of the memories, the quotes, the ideas that make me smile in one place at one time and then whenever I feel negative I can read through each moment. It’s easier, and a bit more sentimental/composed than my emotional tangents.

So please, tell me what your book would be about and why! You know I love to hear from you…

XOXO,  Marin

Valencia Revitalizing Serum Review!

Hello Beauties!

I was approached by Valentia to review their Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum. I was pretty excited as I’d never heard of the brand before and was interested in their products. I quickly learned that Valentia is all about bringing the best organic and natural ingredients into your skin care products, thus giving you the best results. There has been a major revolution in the beauty industry to make organic cosmetics and skin products more available to the masses. I’ve recently delved into this world of non-chemical face washes and moisturizers, and I’ve been very pleased with the results! Honestly, it all makes sense: Your skin soaks up what you put on it, so why kill it with chemicals?


On to the actual product. First impression was that it was a small bottle, but knowing that higher-end products are normally very potent and don’t need to be in giant amounts, this didn’t phase me. The label is very simple and elegant, well advertising ingredients like Gotu Kola and Argan Oil that help to erase scars and help skin maintain its elasticity.


The product comes out of a pump (I prefer this) and has a creamy consistency to it. It smells absolutely beautiful, and when applied it spreads out and sinks into the skin very quickly, so there really no need to use a lot of the stuff.

While this product seems to be marketed to an older audience, as it helps reduce wrinkles, a lot of its properties are perfect for younger skin as well. Helping correct skin tone is definitely appealing to those who suffer from acne scarring, and it deeply moisturizes skin for those who suffer from intense dry patches. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to jump on the anti-wrinkle train early!

Personally, I’d recommend this to anyone who suffers from acne, dryness, fine lines, or possibly combination skin. I’ve gotten the oily side to my skin under control so I’m not sure how it would react with people who suffer from extreme acne, but I was not affected by the deep moisturizing properties. I would apply it at night after my cleanser but before my moisturizer. I’m excited to see the long term results, but for now I’m happy!

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 12.03.39 PM

Thanks for reading guys! I’d strongly recommend reading into the company– it’s completely run by women and is totally vegan!

*This was a sponsored post by Valentia and conducted through BrandBacker. All of my opinions on this product are completely my own.

Look out for an Italy Trip Post as well as a REVISED Skincare Routine!

GUEST POST: Spring Picks

Hello Beauties!

I was approached by Adam, a very talented fashion blogger and retail marketer at Syracuse University. I accepted and he wrote this for all of you! If you want to know more about Adam here is a link to his Pinterest page. Enjoy!

Spring Picks

Thanks to the El Nino, this has been an unseasonably warm winter and it feels like spring is just around the corner. I’ve been finding myself wishing of warmer days and flowy, colorful clothes!

This dress from H&M has so much potential and you could have a lot of fun styling it in so many different ways! I especially love this top from H&M because it has a great shape. It’s a classic t-shirt with a great color but the curved sides are very flattering on most people.

I love Keds for the days when I put my converse away and I am feeling more preppy than edgy. These blue seersucker Keds are perfect for spring and summer and Keds are always coming out with awesome patterns for summer. A few years ago I bought my first pair of Keds that were July 4th inspired and I still wear them in the dead of winter and get compliments on them!

Now the only problem of spring is the rain. Rain rain go away and come back never! That’s probably what the co-founders of Felix Rey, Salaika Zarrouk and Lily Rafii (now Lily Rafii Band after marrying Doug Band), were thinking when they designed this umbrella. I love the umbrella and the rain boots from Target because they bring fun to the dreariest of days.

~ Adam King