What I Pack for College Visits!

Hello My Beauties!


Much like the 2008 Disney movie College Road Trip starring Raven Symoné, I’m going to visit colleges all this week! Granted they are all in the generally in the same area. It’s just that that area is 11 hours away. I’m going to die.

For this week’s video I decided to film how I packed and then I sped it up because it kinda took a while. Anyways it was a lot of fun to film and I’m pretty pleased with the finished product! (And my lipstick is on point).

Look out for my Monthly Interview this Wednesday as well as a longer, and more dedicated, post this Saturday!

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,

Marin XO

Sports Bras and AE Shout Outs! | My Exercise Haul

Hello My Beauties!


As of late I’ve really started to get into exercise, so naturally I went out and bought special fitness clothing to help in this endeavor! *YAAAAAAAAYYYYY*

I didn’t get a whole lot, but I still felt that it deserved it’s own video, so here it is, My Exercise Haul, enjoy you beautiful people.



American Eagle t-shirt

Nondescript grey shirt

New Balance Sports Bra in Grey

Athletic Essentials Sports Bra in Grey

Reebok Purple Workout Pants

I hope you all liked this post and stay tuned for more, I post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday!

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,

Marin XO

Love Yourself In 15 Different Ways!

Hello My Beauties!

On Valentine’s Day I made a video based off a post I read on 15 Ways To Love Yourself (click here to watch). Now, I didn’t finish all of the different activities, but the ones that I did do were kinda fun! Even though I didn’t really feel any significant change, I think the point of all of it was to just find creative ways to be alone and comfortable, which I always love doing!

           Going for a long drive through a neighborhood I’ve never known about. I even saw a deer!

Being an only child I’ve grown accustomed to spending hours by myself, so when I’m constantly surrounded by others, I find myself desperately searching for some alone time. Being alone allows you to clear your head, to review your stance on something, to reflect or compose yourself after a fight, and be able to just enjoy your own company.

You can never go wrong with a relaxing bath.
                     You can never go wrong with a relaxing bath.

All-in-all I highly encourage you to spend at least 20 minutes doing something alone, whether that’s going for a hike, taking a drive, or listening to relaxing music on your yoga mat in the middle of your living room (me everyday).

                       The pup and I having a relaxing night in!

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you have fun doing it and you grow a little from the experience! If you want some inspiration, just search things to do by yourself or ways to love yourself. There are usually a lot of cool, sometimes pretty corny, ideas in those kinds of articles!

I also went on a hike in the freezing cold. I had a clear head and ten frozen toes by the end.
            I also went on a hike in the freezing cold. I had a clear head and ten frozen toes by the end.

Even binge watching your favorite movies/TV shows is SO MUCH FUN! Call in sick, actually become physically ill (me), or find an afternoon to watch 2 or 3 of your most-loved films.

My favorite movies consisted of ones I hadn't watched in a while: Anastasia, How To Steal A Million, and Hercules.
My favorite movies consisted of ones I hadn’t watched in a while: Anastasia, How To Steal A Million, and Hercules.

And no one can complain if you go and treat yo’ self! Except maybe your wallet…

A small Forever 21 splurge...
                                 A small Forever 21 splurge…

One thing that I’ve found really helps me is to go stargazing. Just the handful of visible stars in my neighborhood at night helps me feel grounded and all of the stress or nervousness of the day kinda melts away, leaving me feeling more connected with myself and the things around me.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that you have taken something from it! I’m a firm believer of finding peace with your person. Not only does it feel amazing, it also comes in handy if you are in a bad place or if your having problems with others because you know your self-worth and that won’t change. At the end of the day all you have is yourself, so do things that make you happy and fulfilled.

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,

Marin XO

The Crazy Thing I Bought (And Shout Out!)

Hello My Beauties!

What I Bought

So I went shopping (like always), partially for the Love Yourself challenge I have taken up, but also because I like to buy things and I was bored. SO I made a ‘What I Bought/Shout Out’ video for your entertainment! Well, not just for you, for me too, but I’m sharing it with you because I love you!

Anyways, the shout out portion is to my close friend, Eleanor. We have this thing before and after Valentine’s day where we have Marin Day and Eleanor Day, and this year she gave me some really cool stuff! And to show my appreciation I made it public! Yaaaaayyyyy!


I hope that you all enjoy and if you want to take up the Love Yourself challenge as well, join me! It’s fun, I promise.

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,

Marin XO

January Interview Featuring Maeve

Hello My Beauties!

It’s been a while since I have written to you, and I have noticed that other bloggers are going through a small lull as well. I think this is like a little universal break that’s really needed. Back to the topic at hand, I want to introduce all of you to Maeve at Thrift O’Clock! She’s a super cute blogger, Youtuber, and this month’s interview star! Please enjoy and check her out!

thrift o clock everyday makeup

Maeve: Hello, I’m Maeve! I’m an 18 year old girl from Northern Ireland and my blog is called Thrift O’Clock. I absolutely love thrifting and sharing my thrifty finds on my blog, whether that be fashion, beauty or otherwise. My little cat Mia is my favourite thing in the world alongside blogging.


Q: What/who inspired you to start blogging?
A: I started watching a few Youtubers & reading a few blogs and thinking, I’d like to do that! In the beginning I loved Becca Rose and Amarixe, and I’ve always looked up to the likes of The Sunday Girl for inspiration. I remember I’d just come back from a thrifting trip, the name Thrift O’Clock just sprung into my mind and I created my blog that night!
Q: What have you liked most that has come from your blog?
%22...be yourself and don't try to write-2
A: I think it has to be the confidence I’ve found through blogging and the fact I have a creative outlet of my very own. I’ve also made some lovely blogger friends which is a big positive!
Q: When you aren’t on your blog, what is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
A: Of course I love to shop, but I also love baking and creating art which are two things I’d really like to start incorporating on my blog!
Q: What is your favorite product that you’ve written about?
A: Difficult question! I loved talking about starting a MAC 15 Eyeshadow palette because it started a conversation in the comments where we discussed our eyeshadow recommendations. It was also brilliant to talk about my Personal Planner because it’s so handy and I was able to give one away to one of my readers!
whats in my mini bag 2
Q: And finally, what do you hope to accomplish in 2015, blog related or not?
A: I actually wrote about my blogging resolutions for the new year in a blog post! My own personal goals are to get a bit healthier, pass my A Levels and be happy!
thrift o clock resolutions
Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,
Marin XO