american eagle haul

Hello Beauties!

One day I was incredibly bored and decided to start shopping for my Italy trip (this April). All of the stuff came today, and naturally being the overly-excited person that I am I threw it on (tags and all) and took photos for all ya’ll to admire. So admire away. *P.S. I’m kinda sick and on break so this is definitely a #IWokeUpLikeThis moment*




American Eagle has this Soft and Sexy line, and if you ever need any kind of shirt, get it from this line. They are honest to God so so so soft, and might I add very sexy! I got me about this is the pale blue color as well as the flowy cut to the top. It’s incredibly light, perfect for spring in Italy!




This little number is also from the Soft and Sexy line, and it most definitely lives up to the name. I knew that I wanted a crop top or a tank top, and this combines the two with an adorable tie accent. It’s very light (not sheer) so I’d layer it with some kind of sweater for the trip. This will be super for hot summer days though!




I haven’t had a pair of capris in ages, and these are by far the best ones I’ve tried on! They’re the Artist Crop Jeans in sateen, making them incredibly stretchy and comfortable. I also love the army green because it goes with practically everything in practically every season.




This dress is also from the Soft and Sexy collection. With side cutouts, a loose frame, and a simple cut it will be perfect to accessorize with. Adding some eye-catching jewelry will take this versatile piece to the next level. Because of this it will be perfect for travel when I will have to mix and match my way through those ten day!


Haul Items





My NYC Haul

Hello Beauties!

This is going to be a quick post since I’m writing it this exact morning and I have an appointment at 9, but aside from that it is going to be a peaceful morning! Also, I left out the beauty stuff I bought because there was kinda a lot and most of it is in my July Favorites post.



I’ve been dying to get one of Free People’s Sunset Park shirts. It’s soft, light weight, and very warm all at the same time! It was the perfect thing to wear on the beach when it was a little colder. (PS The color is a lot prettier in person!)


When I walked into the Tommy Hilfiger store on 5th Avenue, I knew I needed to leave with something. And since I set out to get a nice perfume while in the City, I chose this one. It’s sweet and subtle, but with a little bit of a kick to it. And it’s not too flashy.


I was reading a lot while at the beach or in Central Park, so I stocked up on a lot of books. The first book I read was Stealing Mona Lisa, which is a favorite of mine. The next is one I’m currently getting through (it’s a bit of a struggle), and that is The Beautiful American by Jeanne Mackin. Finally the one I will read is 1984 by George Orwell, and let me tell you with a literature major for a father I’m dying to start it.


For the past three years I’ve had cute planners– one with a typewriter on it, one that had quotes and photos about Paris, and now this baby. It’s got stickers, inspirational quotes, and cute saying like “You’re just beautiful” on random days! I also grabbed this Central Park themed notebook for all of my blogging notes and sketches.


This is yet another bad picture of my favorite shirt at the moment (also Free People). It’s lightweight and surprisingly flattering to the body, and it has a beautiful pattern!


These are two separate pieces that I found at Uniqlo. The tank top is made by an eco-friendly artist that the store was featuring amongst other artists. I really like the denim shirt because it wasn’t like any I’ve seen, and almost bought, before. It’s light and easy to wear and style. It’s very Uniqlo, and that’s why I like it so much.

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,


Let’s Get Lost |OOTD

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Hello Beauties!

We all know that bohemian style is in right now, especially with music festivals like Coachella becoming more and more mainstream. I personally am so happy about it because that is the kind of clothing I’ve always loved: big turquoise pendants, oversized sunglasses, and super free clothing. That’s what you learn when you’re raised by rock n’ roll/hippie parents.

For the past couple of years one side of me has been pleased with the tight fit-and-flare dresses, small 60’s heels, and Parisian scarves. Now I’m loving the opportunity to wear dresses without a bra and bust out my mom’s old Birkenstocks.

I paired this dress with a leather backpack, which I haven’t put down all summer, and some comfortable leather sandals. I also made sure to pack some good sunglasses, and I kept all jewelry very simple and tasteful as to not distract from the dress.

Where To Buy Bubble

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,

Marin X

What A Jumper!

Hello My Beauties!

Here’s to jumping back into the swing of things and actually posting for once! If you don’t understand the pun, you’ll get it soon enough.

Anyways, my Outfit of the Week is this amazing, and totally comfortable, Jumper! Now, I must admit, the colors are quite dark and not very spring/summer like, but the fabric is so light-weight that it compensates for that. Also, the back is open so I don’t know how I’d be warm enough in the Fall? Tell me what you guys think below!

Jumper from Target; Shoes from DSW

I have never worn a jumper before, but I know that they are seriously making a comeback, so when I saw this in Target, I just went with it! (BTW Target has some really nice items out right now… just saying).

I would easily pair these with a pair of either playful or sophisticated heels, based on what you are doing, and a colorful statement piece like this necklace I wear in the photo! That way you can incorporate a little bit of warmth into this otherwise darker outfit. Also, don’t forget a sweater! You’ll need it on those colder summer nights.

Hat from American Apparel; Sunglasses from Ragstock; Necklace from Forever 21

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,

Marin X

My #OOTD Friday!

Hello My Beauties!

Guess what!? It’s Friday!!!!

Everyone loves Fridays, so I wanted to make it better by making it OOTD Fridays on this blog! I hope that you enjoy my favorite outfit for this week, I’ve been LIVING for comfortable clothes! Also, please excuse my headless lady-friend in the background, she is just doing what she does.


The Sweater: First off, I’m in LOVE with this sweater. In fact, I’m wearing it right now! Just kidding, but I wish I was. This evergreen Claiborne originally belonged to my dad when he was in college, but then my mom kinda stole it from him when they were dating, and now I’ve taken to this little treasure! I’ve been wearing it with basically anything, because it can be worn with basically anything! I’ve also found big, slouchy sweaters to be great for spring days and summer nights.

The Shirt: I got this shirt from American Eagle and let me tell you, it is the softest piece of clothing I’ve ever felt in my whole life. What attracted me to it was the beautiful plume with the sky-blue stripes in contrast. Then I tried it on and I refused to leave the store without it. Even though AE is a little bit on the higher end for my budget, they really know what they’re doing when it comes to clothing.


The Pants: These pants were actually from Pitaya,which is a small boutique in my hometown. They were about $50 (the most expensive pair of pants I’ve owned), but they are totally worth it! Not only have they lasted for a couple of years, they are also really stretchy and the denim is really soft and comfortable to be in. I’d say that they feel like the most authentic-looking pair of jeggings without actually being jeggings… if that makes sense.


The Scarf: I got this scarf from H&M back when I was in New York City for the summer. I didn’t have a lot of simple scarves back then, and I thought it would be very easy to pair with a lot of different outfits. It’s also very lightweight, so it’s very easy to move in and is the perfect scarf for warm days.


The Shoes: I found these bad boys at Aldo’s in the mall, and I’ve been attached to them ever since. At the time I had been looking for a nice pair of riding boots, but I never seemed to find any that were my style. Then, on a discount no less, these shoes were just sitting there, awaiting my purchase of them. They are lace-up, which I really like, but they still have the elastic sides that you would see on a riding shoe. They are my little slice of shoe heaven!

How to Get the Outfit

Shirt: AE, H&M, Express, PacSun

Pants: PacSun, AE, anywhere with really nice jeans!

Scarf: Forever 21, H&M, AE, JCPenny, Macy’s, Express, etc.

Sweater: Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, H&M, PacSun, Brandy Melville

Shoes: Aldo, ASOS, DSW

Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for more! I post basically everyday of the week!

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,

Marin XO