What? PROM! |Rando Thursday

Hello Beauties!

Here’s a video for your viewing pleasure! I basically just talk about my prom and all of that great stuff. I had a lot of fun and I went with a really good friend and then teamed up with some more friends, so all around it was very… friendly. JUST WATCH IT!

I hope that you stay tuned for more of these videos every Tuesday and Thursday, and I have a Fashion Friday for you TOMORROW! Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,

Marin X

My College Visiting Experience!

Hello My Beauties!

It’s crazy to think that in less than one year I’ll be packing my bags and leaving the city, and home, that I have known for thirteen years! 365 days is not a lot of time to get my s***t together and apply to all of the schools that I want to, so my family and I decided to be proactive for once (sorry, I know you read this, but I love you!) and we took a road trip to go see Boston University, Syracuse University, and Emerson College. I’m not going to talk about Emerson because I wasn’t really excited while visiting. They have nice dorm rooms though!


After traveling across the amazing, and quite desolate, Canadian countryside, we arrived in Syracuse, New York. Honestly, there wasn’t a lot to see in the town. I feel like we didn’t explore it enough because everyone keeps telling me that it is really cool, but we didn’t really have a lot of time to immerse ourselves in the local culture. Sorry Syracuse.


The school on the other hand was beautiful! I loved the old buildings and little college town attached. It was also more secluded than the other schools, making it very, very safe. I really loved going into the Newhouse building where the School Of Communications is located. Best of all were the people; they were completely clade in SU gear for no real reason other than to show their love for the school! In the end, I’d not regret going there at all!


Then we traveled all the way to Boston University. Now, I was slightly biased because this has been my number one school since I learned of its existence! Since living in New York City for a little bit, I have loved the idea of going to school in a city. Just not New York city. Once we arrived I became emotionally confused– just 4 hours ago I was so sure that Syracuse was the place for me, but Boston had such a cool vibe! The city was lively, full of history (YAAAASSSS), and the people seemed to be so proud to be who they were. The school was secluded, but not nearly as distanced from the city as Syracuse was. It was bigger too. Yet I liked the mentality of the students, and a part of me felt very drawn to this place.

I mean, how could I not like the place that Mindy Khaling grew up in?!
I mean, how could I not like the place that Mindy Kaling grew up in?!

In the end, it came down to whether I would let my small-town, down-to-earth side of me that adored Syracuse take over my other more lively, active, and social side that was drawn to Boston. My father really helped with this, saying that I can always retreat from the city if I’m feeling overwhelmed, but at Syracuse there wouldn’t be a city to disappear from. Boston appealed to both sides of me, and would most definitely challenge me intellectually. So BU stays at #1, but in complete honesty SU is a lovely second. Both are so different it’s hard to compare them, but BU had something that really captured me, and I think it might be love! Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,

Marin X

PS: If Boston University is looking at this post because I put the link in one of my essays, just know that I’d LOVE to be accepted! Thank you 😉

It’s Been One of Those Weeks

Hello My Beauties

This post is going to be a little more serious than usual. I haven’t been posting, or really updating, anything having to do with my blog because some personal issues have gotten in the way of me doing this. I don’t want to go into any detail because it’s all very fresh, but I do want to apologize for dropping the ball when it comes to this blog. I want to continue to produce good content for all of you, but for now I’m having a hard time doing anything with the confidence I used to have.

A large reason why I’m writing this is because I wanted to reach out to all of you. I want to extend a hand to all of you going through rough times or struggling with some internal battle. It’s hard to cope with, and my best mechanism is to help others and then write about it. So I would like to give you some advice, starting now:

I want to tell you that it will get better. It just has to get better. And if it isn’t better, than it isn’t the end.

I want to tell you that you are so strong, that whatever is thrown your way has nothing on you because you can be bigger than it and overcome it and grow from it.

I want to tell you that you are not alone. Whether you find support in friends, family, or internet support groups, you are never, ever alone. It sure as hell seems like you are, but I promise you, you’re not.

And finally I want to tell you the most cliche thing ever: Life is short. Be confident in yourself, in who you are, and for the people who just cannot accept that, it might be best to not have them in your life at this point. This doesn’t mean they are horrible people. It just means they can’t be there for you like you need them to be, or vise-versa. And for the people who are destructive, I hope that you take the first three points into account and feel that you deserve to do what you need to do.

Daily life is completely unpredictable; we have no clue how we, or others, will feel day-to-day. It is our jobs as individuals to make sure that we can cope with these unpredictable moments, and that we know what to do when situations arise that we don’t know how to deal with. It is also very important to know who your support team consists of because they will be absolutely vital.

It took so much energy to write this post for you, but I needed to do it because I want to reach out to all of you. I want to make sure that if anyone is struggling, you know that you are not alone. Thank you so much for reading, and please take these words to heart.

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,

Marin XO

Love Yourself In 15 Different Ways!

Hello My Beauties!

On Valentine’s Day I made a video based off a post I read on 15 Ways To Love Yourself (click here to watch). Now, I didn’t finish all of the different activities, but the ones that I did do were kinda fun! Even though I didn’t really feel any significant change, I think the point of all of it was to just find creative ways to be alone and comfortable, which I always love doing!

           Going for a long drive through a neighborhood I’ve never known about. I even saw a deer!

Being an only child I’ve grown accustomed to spending hours by myself, so when I’m constantly surrounded by others, I find myself desperately searching for some alone time. Being alone allows you to clear your head, to review your stance on something, to reflect or compose yourself after a fight, and be able to just enjoy your own company.

You can never go wrong with a relaxing bath.
                     You can never go wrong with a relaxing bath.

All-in-all I highly encourage you to spend at least 20 minutes doing something alone, whether that’s going for a hike, taking a drive, or listening to relaxing music on your yoga mat in the middle of your living room (me everyday).

                       The pup and I having a relaxing night in!

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you have fun doing it and you grow a little from the experience! If you want some inspiration, just search things to do by yourself or ways to love yourself. There are usually a lot of cool, sometimes pretty corny, ideas in those kinds of articles!

I also went on a hike in the freezing cold. I had a clear head and ten frozen toes by the end.
            I also went on a hike in the freezing cold. I had a clear head and ten frozen toes by the end.

Even binge watching your favorite movies/TV shows is SO MUCH FUN! Call in sick, actually become physically ill (me), or find an afternoon to watch 2 or 3 of your most-loved films.

My favorite movies consisted of ones I hadn't watched in a while: Anastasia, How To Steal A Million, and Hercules.
My favorite movies consisted of ones I hadn’t watched in a while: Anastasia, How To Steal A Million, and Hercules.

And no one can complain if you go and treat yo’ self! Except maybe your wallet…

A small Forever 21 splurge...
                                 A small Forever 21 splurge…

One thing that I’ve found really helps me is to go stargazing. Just the handful of visible stars in my neighborhood at night helps me feel grounded and all of the stress or nervousness of the day kinda melts away, leaving me feeling more connected with myself and the things around me.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that you have taken something from it! I’m a firm believer of finding peace with your person. Not only does it feel amazing, it also comes in handy if you are in a bad place or if your having problems with others because you know your self-worth and that won’t change. At the end of the day all you have is yourself, so do things that make you happy and fulfilled.

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,

Marin XO