Hitting up Aerie, Aeropostale, and Forever 21

Hello Beauties!

Whilst Christmas shopping, my mom and I started peaking around for ourselves. What can I say, we’re slightly selfish when it comes to finding deals! And let me tell you, there were so. Many. Deals. I’ll say more later so keep reading Loves!


Of course, I had to exchange some leggings and once I got in the store I ended up buying. A lot. Currently, there is a 6 for $20 on all undies there so I would CHECK IT OUT if you are in the market for some pretty panties! I know I have to keep rotating the ones with blood stains (TMI sorry but get used to it). The progressive brand has come out with really cute high-waisted underwear for those who feel more comfortable or curious in that style of underwear. I have never tried it personally, so I bought a few to see how they feel and hold up (PSA from future Marin editing this: They are sooooo nice). I also grabbed one of the new triangle bralettes in what I can only describe as periwinkle. They are originally $24 but it was half off for what I’m assuming is a limited time deal so I would act fast if you’re in the market for a new little number. Add it to the collection!

I also picked up a pair of the Move Leggings in a heather grey. They have that slick material on the outside and then a soft flannel on the inside, so not exactly athletic wear but perfect for the winter/Michigan blizzards!


Apparently Aeropostale is 70% off since they are reopening with a completely different look, and thus completely different merchandise. While I haven’t shopped at Aeropostale in ages, getting a $24 dollar shirt for $8 is pretty damn good. So, we popped in and ended up finding some good pieces! I got this black cross-front top for Christmas parties and whenever the occasion calls for much cleavage (Ladies, you know what I’m saying). Then I got this crushed-velvet knit sweater, which happens to be cropped as well, in evergreen. Again, this was originally $44 and I got it for $13. Praise. I also picked up a pack of socks for a dollar because why not!? Also, who doesn’t like that pattern?


Finally, we ended at Forever 21 for the cutest little cropped turtle necks I have ever seen. The cream coloring, the fabric, the tiny print– all of it reminds me of the shirts my mom would dress me in. My mother cringed at the sight of them since SHE remembers wearing similar ones as a little girl! I can’t wait to pair them with high-waisted jeans, corduroy skirts, and big sweaters this winter!




Flashy Florals and High Hopes: Fashion Friday

Hello Beauties!

First, let’s talk about how TERRIBLE wifi can be. I’ve been dying to be able to post something, anything, but I can’t because of the stupid internet not going connecting. I’m hoping this will be resolved sooner rather than later. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy this post and how about you tell me what your favorite flower is in the comments! Mine is a rose.


I got this apparently $80 dress at a thrift store for $13 and I’ve immediately fallen in love with the pattern. It’s a fit n’ flare dress with small cutouts on the sides that are held together with little straps of the fabric. It’s made of a slightly thicker material, which was super overwhelming on really hot days. I think it would be worn best (and without as much sweat) in the fall with tights and a pair of cute booties. I also paired it with this geometric necklace to add a bit of contrast to the flowers,and these army green heels to accentuate the green throughout the pattern.

Where To Buy Bubble

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,


How to Ace a Job Interview

Hello Beauties!

Sorry that things have been a little quiet on Qwerty Girl, my WIFI has been switched out and there have been a couple of glitches. Also, college essays are “happening”. Excuses, excuses.

Today I ROCKED this interview for a senior internship and I was so inspired to write this post showing you my makeup, outfit, and anything else I needed to feel completely prepared and ready to kick booty. Let’s get started.


Whenever you are doing anything job related, ya gotta look professional. So I opted for my Forever21 army green dress and matching heels. I also paired my chunky chain necklace with it because I’ll be interning at an artsy place with artsy people. This necklace is artsy.


I wanted to keep my makeup simple– I’m not pretending to be twenty-four; what you see is what you get. I used my NYX Shimmer Stick as an eyeshadow, then added my NYX Eyeliner in brown and my favorite Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara. The only base I used is the Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream. It applies like a dream and doesn’t look heavy. To finish it off I used my favorite Rimmel London Kate Moss lipstick in 05.



Now that you look like a true member of the workforce, you gotta be prepared. It’s so, so, so smart to carry a notebook with you. It makes you seem organized, competent, and eager to start your work ASAP. Plus, you never know when you might need to catch a name, number, email, company name, etc. Also have your planner for basically everything. Let’s face it, a busy person like you can’t afford to forget anything.

And that’s all you need! Now go show your true colors, and if the job is the right one they will love you! Keep checking in for a slightly more organized and regular schedule here. Until then…

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,


My NYC Haul

Hello Beauties!

This is going to be a quick post since I’m writing it this exact morning and I have an appointment at 9, but aside from that it is going to be a peaceful morning! Also, I left out the beauty stuff I bought because there was kinda a lot and most of it is in my July Favorites post.



I’ve been dying to get one of Free People’s Sunset Park shirts. It’s soft, light weight, and very warm all at the same time! It was the perfect thing to wear on the beach when it was a little colder. (PS The color is a lot prettier in person!)


When I walked into the Tommy Hilfiger store on 5th Avenue, I knew I needed to leave with something. And since I set out to get a nice perfume while in the City, I chose this one. It’s sweet and subtle, but with a little bit of a kick to it. And it’s not too flashy.


I was reading a lot while at the beach or in Central Park, so I stocked up on a lot of books. The first book I read was Stealing Mona Lisa, which is a favorite of mine. The next is one I’m currently getting through (it’s a bit of a struggle), and that is The Beautiful American by Jeanne Mackin. Finally the one I will read is 1984 by George Orwell, and let me tell you with a literature major for a father I’m dying to start it.


For the past three years I’ve had cute planners– one with a typewriter on it, one that had quotes and photos about Paris, and now this baby. It’s got stickers, inspirational quotes, and cute saying like “You’re just beautiful” on random days! I also grabbed this Central Park themed notebook for all of my blogging notes and sketches.


This is yet another bad picture of my favorite shirt at the moment (also Free People). It’s lightweight and surprisingly flattering to the body, and it has a beautiful pattern!


These are two separate pieces that I found at Uniqlo. The tank top is made by an eco-friendly artist that the store was featuring amongst other artists. I really like the denim shirt because it wasn’t like any I’ve seen, and almost bought, before. It’s light and easy to wear and style. It’s very Uniqlo, and that’s why I like it so much.

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,


A Little Inspiration…

DSC_0204 DSC_0225 DSC_0232
DSC_0255 DSC_0271 DSC_0273 DSC_0372 DSC_0385

I found chipmunks during the shoot and they were really, really friendly!


Hello Beauties!

Long time no blog am I right? Things have been crazy over here, what with traveling, packing, and not having WIFI for about a week.
I’ve settled in Long Island for my internship, and there will still be posts every Monday and Friday since those are my off days. Plus there will be a lot of photos of New York City. Like a TON of them. But let’s get on with the fashion, shall we?

I’ve recently rediscovered my love for T-shirt dresses and turquoise jewelry, which has been mostly brought on by all of the music festival mayhem.

I purchased this simple dress at Target, my one true love. The fabric is perfect for summer, and the stripes balance out the shapeless silhouette. It’s also extremely versatile and can be worn for practically any occasion with the right accessories.

For this look I wanted to be simple but well accessorized. This hat from Forever21 really made the outfit unique, while the pendant necklace added an unexpected pop of color and the shoes simply made it more feminine.

Stay tuned for more Fashion Fridays and tell me below what your go-to summer piece is!

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,