What A Jumper!

Hello My Beauties!

Here’s to jumping back into the swing of things and actually posting for once! If you don’t understand the pun, you’ll get it soon enough.

Anyways, my Outfit of the Week is this amazing, and totally comfortable, Jumper! Now, I must admit, the colors are quite dark and not very spring/summer like, but the fabric is so light-weight that it compensates for that. Also, the back is open so I don’t know how I’d be warm enough in the Fall? Tell me what you guys think below!

Jumper from Target; Shoes from DSW

I have never worn a jumper before, but I know that they are seriously making a comeback, so when I saw this in Target, I just went with it! (BTW Target has some really nice items out right now… just saying).

I would easily pair these with a pair of either playful or sophisticated heels, based on what you are doing, and a colorful statement piece like this necklace I wear in the photo! That way you can incorporate a little bit of warmth into this otherwise darker outfit. Also, don’t forget a sweater! You’ll need it on those colder summer nights.

Hat from American Apparel; Sunglasses from Ragstock; Necklace from Forever 21

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,

Marin X

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