mika the beautiful

Hello Beauties!

If you follow me on Instagram (@marinscott10) then you will have known this by now but we have a new member of the family! We got her a couple months ago but I’m just now getting around to posting about it. That’s okay though, I’m only human.

This is Mika, which means God’s Child in Russian, but I mostly just liked the name. She’s a cute-faced, grey and silver Maine Coon, which is one of the most adorable cat breeds in my opinion. She’s going to be enormous for a domestic cat– up to 25 pounds! She’s definitely larger than our past cats right now and she’s only 4 1/2 months old.

Enjoy these photos of our little baby, I kinda went crazy with them and some are fuzzy because she kept moving around. I think she’s incredibly beautiful though and so well-tempered. We’re happy to have her in our lives!


american eagle haul

Hello Beauties!

One day I was incredibly bored and decided to start shopping for my Italy trip (this April). All of the stuff came today, and naturally being the overly-excited person that I am I threw it on (tags and all) and took photos for all ya’ll to admire. So admire away. *P.S. I’m kinda sick and on break so this is definitely a #IWokeUpLikeThis moment*




American Eagle has this Soft and Sexy line, and if you ever need any kind of shirt, get it from this line. They are honest to God so so so soft, and might I add very sexy! I got me about this is the pale blue color as well as the flowy cut to the top. It’s incredibly light, perfect for spring in Italy!




This little number is also from the Soft and Sexy line, and it most definitely lives up to the name. I knew that I wanted a crop top or a tank top, and this combines the two with an adorable tie accent. It’s very light (not sheer) so I’d layer it with some kind of sweater for the trip. This will be super for hot summer days though!




I haven’t had a pair of capris in ages, and these are by far the best ones I’ve tried on! They’re the Artist Crop Jeans in sateen, making them incredibly stretchy and comfortable. I also love the army green because it goes with practically everything in practically every season.




This dress is also from the Soft and Sexy collection. With side cutouts, a loose frame, and a simple cut it will be perfect to accessorize with. Adding some eye-catching jewelry will take this versatile piece to the next level. Because of this it will be perfect for travel when I will have to mix and match my way through those ten day!


Haul Items





A Day at the D.I.A

Hello Beauties!

This weekend I went to the Detroit Institute of Art with an old friend, and I was so pleasantly surprised by how much it had. I haven’t been in years, so to go after having a little more understanding under my belt made it so much more enjoyable. I took some notes (because I’m nerdy about history), so here are some things that I learned, and my favorites of the whole day!

The Gudea of Lagash from Mesopotamia, 2141/2122 B.C.E


Stone Seals and Cylinder Seal, Mesopotamia


European Cabinet, 1580-1610


Lily Pond by Charles Harry Eaton


Moonlit Landscape by Aert van der Neer


Notre Dame Cathedral by Childe Hassam


Flowers in a Glass Vase by Rachel Ruysch


We dove right into it with Byzantine and Mesopotamian art. A lot of it was metal carving and stone sculptures, but they were some of the most beautiful stone sculptures I’ve ever seen! The Gudea of Lagash really interested me– and guess what?! It might be a fraud. That’s right. There were different points about the type of stone being found in the region but not being used during that time, and the circles on the hat are normally aligned, whereas this one has diagonal circles. I also loved the stone scrolls and stamps in clay. Each intricate detail was carved into the stone, and the pictures they can make are so incredibly detailed.

As we were walking through the hallways I saw this really old and beautiful European cabinet. All of the intricate patterning was made from bone and metals, which is amazing. We also saw some incredible Greek pottery, some Medieval Art, and Egyptian sculptures and mummies. This was all before we got to the Dutch artists which I LOVE. Do you know how many paintings of clouds they have?! So many! For a cloud enthusiast it was a dream.  Lily Pond, Moonlit Landscape, and Notre Dame Cathedral were just some examples of the many, many paintings I will forever remember. Mostly because I took photos and saved them to my Cloud Folder. We finished the day off with Flowers in a Glass Vase. It’s beautiful and detailed. I loved it.

Tell me who your favorite artists/works of art/cloud painting are! I’d love to hear them!

Wrapping Up January

Hello Beauties!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? There have been finals, internship work, and whatever else that has been keeping me busy. But why don’t we talk about this month’s favorites according to yours truly!



I haven’t been having a lot of skin issues lately– just some redness here and there. regardless, Almay’s Smart Shade CC Cream has been the perfect remedy. It takes away redness and other discoloration without feeling greasy or thick. I like to use a damp Beauty Blender to work it in and get that smooth look that we all strive for!



Since I’ve been having some problems with redness and slight acnes, I’ve become a serious fan of Neutrogena’s Redness Soothing Acne Wash. It’s gentle, but effective, and the more I use it the better my skin looks. I also included Earth Therapeutics Smooth Face Brush because this is one of the best and least expensive cleansing brushes I’ve seen on the market!



My mom grabbed this for her sister so I decided to give it a try. Since then it’s been featured in Allure and other beauty sites and rightly so; all you have to do is apply it to wet skin (it’s slightly greasy at first), then gently pat dry and voila! Instant smooth and radiant skin with ease!

Book Of The Month


I loved this book so, so, so much. I knew right from the beginning that it was going to get me, and it most certainly did. It follows the lives and perspectives of multiple immigrants from South America to the United States. Some are legal, some are not, but each has a riveting tale of how they got to where they are now. It’s brilliantly written, and will definitely give a different perspective on immigration.

Outfit of The Month


The pants are from American Eagle and are one of the most comfortable pairs I’ve ever owned! The shirt is from Target; it’s super lightweight and loose, with a dipped back and matching shorts. I also added this wishbone necklace as a simple yet key accent, without deterring from the pattern.

peace, love, and baby ducks,


What a Teenage Girl Wants for Christmas, From the Perspective of a Teenage Girl

We’re confusing things, I’ll admit it. Unless I so much as blatantly point it out, I have no clue what I’m getting for the holidays. While everyone and their potato chip is writing about gifts for him and gifts for her, I’m gonna tell you 10 Things A Teenage Girl Wants (present wise).

1. Fuzzy Socks: Highest priority, no doubt about it.DSC_0022

2. A gift package from the Body Shop, preferably in her favorite scent, which you should know by now.

3. Gift Cards from Forever 21, Lulu Lemon (I’ve heard, not a fan myself), and American Eagle. She will adore you.DSC_0025

4. Literally anything from Lush

5. A scented candle from Anthropology– We don’t like to let others know that we’re stinky…

6. A new iPhone case. Or a new iPhone. Or honestly just an iTunes Gift Card.DSC_0029

7. A boy, preferably (but not limited to) a teenage one, with happy eyes and a drop-dead gorgeous smile.


8. Or a girl, depending on the person and their preferences.rs_1024x698-150223155815-1024-jennifer-lawrence-dior-campaign.jw.22315

9. A Starbucks gift card— I don’t actually go there or even drink coffee, but shout out for those that do! *EXCEPTION*: DO NOT get her this if she is openly, and for whatever reason, against the new Red Cups. I don’t get it either, but I’m saving you from a world of hurt here.

10. Whoever you are in her life– A significant other, a parent, a friend– Just show her that you love her. That’s the best gift that she could ever get this year, especially if she’s a stressed-out senior. Just show her you care.DSC_0011


Until next time…