Take A Minute for the Mask

Hello Beauties!

We’re all guilty of spreading ourselves a bit too thin. Even if the task at hand is something that we absolutely love, there will be days when it gets a bit too stressful. Trust me, I know. I might be queen of Stresstopia. My calendar looks like a freaking mess, and at the end of the day so do I. I’m all too familiar with putting my health on the back burner just to free up some time in my day.

Something that I like to do to combat this very bad habit that we all seem to have is to find a good face mask, maybe a friend to share it with, and just chill. The chill part can be a multitude of things: reading, watching Netflix, listening to jungle sounds, sitting in silence. So if you provide the chill, then I’ll provide the masks, okay?

P.S. I realized that all of these are mud masks, apparently I don’t have a lot of variety in my life…



I absolutely love this mask because it’s not too powerful. It smells great and is incredibly light, which is different for a mud mask. I’ve found that it doesn’t work as instantaneously as the other products I’m going to talk about, but I would most definitely recommend it if you’re in need of a simple pick-me-up. Chill Recommendation: Bath or 10 minute lying meditation.



I love Formula 10.0.6 products. They are so kind to your skin and really well made, so if you have more sensitive skin then I’d most definitely pick up this mask. It works incredibly well without over-drying or irritating your skin. It also smells like peaches so why not? Chill Recommendation: Reading and or watching Netflix with fruit water. Fruit water is essential. You know what, grab a friend and watch The Fall. It’s great, a bit scary but the sexy Irish men make up for it.



This Que Bella Beauty mask is a cult classic in my book. All of their masks are very well made and incredibly effective while being affordable. They also come in little individual packets if you want to experiment with the different kinds they offer. Anyways this is my go-to for a standard mud mask. It is very muddy and very masky. Fair warning. Chill Recommendation: Honestly go all out with it. Have a freaking spa day, you deserve it!



This is a very intense mask so be very careful. It’s got a bit of a clay/paste base to it, but it works extremely fast and can most definitely irritate your skin if you leave it on too long. I would definitely stick to the smallest recommended amount of time and then experiment from there. But don’t be scared by it, just be slightly wary of it and you’ll survive. Chill Recommendation: DO NOT USE IN THE BATH IT WAS A MISTAKE.

Until Next Time,

Marin XO

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