What a Teenage Girl Wants for Christmas, From the Perspective of a Teenage Girl

We’re confusing things, I’ll admit it. Unless I so much as blatantly point it out, I have no clue what I’m getting for the holidays. While everyone and their potato chip is writing about gifts for him and gifts for her, I’m gonna tell you 10 Things A Teenage Girl Wants (present wise).

1. Fuzzy Socks: Highest priority, no doubt about it.DSC_0022

2. A gift package from the Body Shop, preferably in her favorite scent, which you should know by now.

3. Gift Cards from Forever 21, Lulu Lemon (I’ve heard, not a fan myself), and American Eagle. She will adore you.DSC_0025

4. Literally anything from Lush

5. A scented candle from Anthropology– We don’t like to let others know that we’re stinky…

6. A new iPhone case. Or a new iPhone. Or honestly just an iTunes Gift Card.DSC_0029

7. A boy, preferably (but not limited to) a teenage one, with happy eyes and a drop-dead gorgeous smile.


8. Or a girl, depending on the person and their preferences.rs_1024x698-150223155815-1024-jennifer-lawrence-dior-campaign.jw.22315

9. A Starbucks gift card— I don’t actually go there or even drink coffee, but shout out for those that do! *EXCEPTION*: DO NOT get her this if she is openly, and for whatever reason, against the new Red Cups. I don’t get it either, but I’m saving you from a world of hurt here.

10. Whoever you are in her life– A significant other, a parent, a friend– Just show her that you love her. That’s the best gift that she could ever get this year, especially if she’s a stressed-out senior. Just show her you care.DSC_0011


Until next time…


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