My Skincare Routine!

Hello My Beauties!


This is slightly overdue (sorry about that) but I want to share with you my morning, and nighttime, skincare routines! This winter my skin hasn’t been very cooperative; maybe it has been stress or just the dry weather, I don’t know.

I’d tried new products, went to my dermatologist, but none of it helped. Finally I realized my skin was so dry and oily (the WOREST pair) because I was washing my face at night. I have no clue why, I just went with it.

After having that revelation my skin cleared up dramatically! Since I started this routine my spots have cleared up and my oily/dry patches have been subdued (FINALLY!). So, here are the products that I use! Enjoy 🙂

Night Routine

1. Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes in Grapefruit: I love, love, love these wipes! First off, they smell amazing, secondly, they are acne fighting, thirdly, they remove makeup and cleanse at the same time! No need to wash your face with these bad boys! I get mine at Target so they are the’ Compare To’ kind but I’m sure there aren’t a lot of differences.

2. Clinique Dramatically Moisturizing Gel Lotion: This product I use both morning and night. I really like this moisturizer because it almost immediately sinks into your skin while cooling it. I’ve tried a lot of moisturizers but this one has to be my favorite! It is on the more expensive side so if you’re looking for a similar product I would just try to find any kind of gel lotion. They should have similar properties to this one.

3. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Spot Treatment: On to my acne. I always use this at night and very occasionally in the mornings. This is the second time buying this product and I’m not prepared to give it up! I like it because it treats only problem areas, which means you’re not going to have dry skin just because of a few pimples! It smells very strong, but it definitely worked for me! Give it some time as well, this product isn’t as strong as other acne spot treatments but within a couple of weeks you should see some improvement!

Morning Routine

1. All Natural Honey: Yes, honey. I read on a couple of sites that it helps to restore moisture as well as brighten your complexion! All I do is apply a glob of it on my damp face like a facial mask. I don’t rub it in as much as just slather it on. Then I was with warm water, and then a little bit of cold water to close up your pores (learned that from a friend!).

2. Moisturize! I then use my moisturizer again and start to get ready for the day!

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,

Marin XO


A Little Combination Skincare Guide


Hello My Beauties!

I constantly have issues with finding the right skincare products, and makeup, that will help with my combination skin type. It’s hard since I also have sensitive skin, so I can’t use anything too drying or harsh in fear of what my face might do…

So for this post I am telling you guys about a couple products that I have used and seem to work well with! Enjoy! Also comment with your fav oil-controlling products!


Simple Skincare Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes

Now, I have mixed feelings about this product. I am not a huge fan about how they feel on your skin. And since I have sensitive skin, as stated above, I don’t do well with scratchy products. Okay, okay, so they aren’t scratchy but they also aren’t super soft. Other than that they take off my makeup very easily and they DRAMATICALLY reduce the oil on my forehead (thank you!).


Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment

This stuff is powerful, and really helps! The woman at the store said that it moisturizes, and even though I think it does, I am not quite sure. The downside is that if I try to use a moisturizer on top it kinda brings back the shine *sigh*. Even though I do like this product, I am not as excited about it as I was when I got it, and I think I might try the actual Moisturizing Day Cream version from the same line.


Body Shop Tea-Tree Facial Wash

This product is THE BEST! My skin has been going through some tough times but I really do like this wash. And even though it does not explicitly say that it clears up oil, I have noticed that it does just that after I have washed my face. It has a very strong pine smell at first, so that might deter some people. But if you can stick it out, it is totally worth it!


Clinique 3 Combination Skin Cleanser

I used to love this product so much! I haven’t used it in a while, but honestly you see the results immediately! It’s a little harsh and has a slight alcohol smell to it, but honestly after you see that cotton ball covered in the dirt from your skin, you will get what I mean!

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,

Marin XO