Final Days are Fashionable Days

Hello people!
So Thursday was my last day at FIT and I absolutely loved every second of it! The people are incredible, and having it be the second time I was in New York City I felt surprisingly at home. You know you have found the place that you want to live in when you leave but it doesn’t feel like you are really leaving. It feels like you are taking a vacation to go back to your real home. Anyways, just wanted to share that little tidbit of life advice before talking about the real reason for this post, which is the outfit! 

Final day outfit at FIT.
Final day outfit at FIT.

This outfit is a final statement outfit, and that is why I wore it for the last day of class! The pieces are really bright and easily interchangeable to brighten up any outfit. But I had seen people pull off the mustard-yellow-vibrant-green combo before so when I saw this shirt and skirt at Forever 21, I had to try it!


I paired the whole outfit with Rimmel London’s Kate lipstick in Number 09. I also paired it with a bowler hat from H&M to add a little extra flare and uniqueness to the whole ensemble. I really wanted the hat and all the colors to be the focus of the outfit so I kept everything else very simple and I didn’t wear any other jewelry as to not overwhelm any of my peers on the campus (but I did turn a few heads in Central Park!).

If you want to learn more about the lipstick I wore in the photos, check out my other post Lipstick Love.

Until next time,
Marin Scott

Where to Buy:
Skirt: Forever 21, $15
Shirt: Forever 21, $17
Hat: H&M, $9.50
Lipstick: Any drug store, $8

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