Oo La La Leather!

Hey Guys,
So first off I am super excited to be changing blogging platforms, I really like how this looks and it seems fairly user friendly so I am hoping everything works! Also be sure to check out my other blog at WordPress.com, the URL is in the OTHER BLOG tab up above!

So onto today’s topic, leather. I have seen leather pants popping up everywhere in magazines and stores, so naturally I bought a pair when I saw them in Forever 21. They are very chic, and surprisingly fairly comfortable, which was surprising to me. I also really liked how I can pair so much with them since they are such a relaxed statement piece! They are perfect for lazier days when you want to look good but are running late/far too tired/can’t find clean pants because they can spice up any plain outfit!

Leather Pants; $8, Forever 21, Blouse; $17, Forever 21, Necklace; $9.50, Forever 21
Leather Pants; $8, Forever 21, Blouse; $17, Forever 21, Necklace; $9.50, Forever 21

In the photo I paired the pants with a loose blouse and a large necklace to tie the whole outfit together, but you can easily pair it with a cool graphic-tee or an oversized shirt while keeping the integrity of the piece.

Until next time,
Marin S.

Where to Buy:
Forever 21

8 thoughts on “Oo La La Leather!

    1. I’m so sorry for the confusion, but I have combined both my old fashion blog with this blog so everything is easier to find. If you would like to read some of my past fashion posts, they are still up on my Blogger account, but from now on everything will be on this blog.

      Here is the link to the old blog: whatsinnow.blogspot.com

      Thank you so much for reading, it is greatly appreciated!
      Marin S.

      1. Ill try finding your older posts on here so I can like or comment if necessary. If not, I’ll check out your blogspot link 🙂

      2. I don’t have any of my old fashion blog posts on here so if you would like to see them you will have to go to the other site. I am seriously considering just spending an afternoon copying and pasting the old posts onto this blog, so if you think that would be beneficial then please let me know!

      3. That would be beneficial since they would just be new for those on WordPress so it will be like posting new content but, for you, it’s old. I think you should do it!

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