Red, Red, Red

This week we explore this wonderful and stunning color! When wearing red be sure to tone down everything else. You don’t want to look too crazy colorful! Yet I am always a fan for a couple of colored pieces with some red lipstick. If you can pull it off, then do it! That’s what fashion’s about, after all. You express yourself through your clothing. If it’s not “you” and you don’t feel comfortable in it, then it’s not true “fashion”. Always wear what you love and don’t worry about what others might think, if it’s you then you shouldn’t feel self conscious!

Add some color to your day with a sassy pout. Who knows, you might even get some looks from your crush! 726 “Fury” by Estée Lauder

Anyways, I love my red heels! They are super comfortable and sassy, perfect for a “feeling pretty” day! Wear them with a dress, like in the photo, and you’ll get compliments from your peers! But don’t limit yourself to dresses, mini skirts and skinny jeans are also fun options!

$75, Aerosoles; Famous Footwear



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