What’s There To Stress About?

We all experience stress, so please don’t stress about stress. We deal with a lot of pressures from other people, from jobs, or just from being in a situation we can’t control and are not comfortable in. I personally understand what it feels like to be completely immersed in stress, I experience it regularly and sometimes it pushes me to my breaking point. It sucks, and not many of us understand the consequences it has on our mental and physical health. As explained in the video, being under a lot of stress can weaken our heart health and our immune system. In some studies people who experience a lot of stress tend to die sooner than others who do not experience it as frequently. But what if some, if not most, of the hype behind stress is not a reaction to being overwhelmed, but the negative way we perceive the feeling of stress?

This video explains a new way of dealing with stress, one that does not involve meditating or special study routines, but involves tricking your brain into thinking positively about the stress you are feeling. I have tried this a couple of times and it has really worked, while other methods have only lessened what I was feeling. I highly recommend this method for anyone who is easily stressed-out or overwhelmed at any point in their lives (so all of you should check this out!).

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Marin S.

TEDxYouth: What Really Is Love?

Okay, so this whole thing came about because I was watching some of my fellow peers talk about issues that are prominent in their lives through TEDxYouth, a program created from the regular Ted Talks (which are completely brilliant and a must watch!). There I stumbled upon this amazing 17-year-old named Benya Kraus who had a lot of interesting things to say about how society views love compared to what love really is. Hearing the reasons behind that sudden lack of passion felt between two people, as well as society’s role in it, actually helped me understand and improve my feelings toward my relationship. Whatever your current status is, I seriously recommend watching this video. Who knows, it might save you in the end!

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Marin S.

Final Writing 101 Prompt

PROMPT: What is something that you cherish most in your life?

The thing that I hold most dear in my life is my teddy bear named Beary. I know, super original right? Well I admit that even though I was fairly creative in my tiny years, I could never remember the names I would give my stuffed animals. So I went old school and the name Beary just seemed to work for him. Anyways, I got Beary when I was about five or six. I was at this birthday party for this girl I used to be friends with in elementary school and the party was hosted at the Chelsea Bear Factory, which is a lot like Build-A-Bear Workshop but better. There I scanned my tiny eyes over the different types of bears I could chose from, all empty and without love until I chose that one special bear to fill with my affection (and stuffing). Most of the kids ran towards the super soft ones or the colored ones or even the ones with patterns on them! But I did not falter. I was looking for THE teddy bear, the one that I was sure to live with for the rest of my life. So you can only imagine how excited I was when I found the one bear for me.


The little thing has followed me through a lot. He is not fluffy, not extravagant, and not at all what people would expect from a cute toy. His eyes are a little too close together and his nose a little too large, but he does his job. For ages I thought I had lost Beary until I found him cleaning out our basement a couple of years ago! The spark was instantly brought back to life and to this day I can’t get to sleep unless I kiss his head. He is the object in my life that I truly cherish and I can’t see myself living without.


Hey, so hope you enjoyed that quick look into my life! Please stay in tuned for more Things Worth Talking About!


Marin S.

Undressing Dress Codes

Hello readers!

So this is my first post on this blog and I am very excited to discuss a fairly problematic subject for a high-schooler at the moment. I have never opposed dress codes and I completely understand why schools would have them, but I think there are a lot of injustices in the system nowadays. First off, girls are mainly the victims of these “dress code violations” at school. Just saying you don’t see a lot of guys being called out for running around shirtless or anything, so why are girls being targeted for not dressing to code?

This leads me to point #2. Students (majority females) are being discriminated against because of their body type, and a lot of the reasons they can’t even CHANGE! For example, if you are taller you might be called out for wearing shorts that are too short when really they just look smaller than someone who has shorter legs. Another example is if someone is wearing clothing that is “up to code” but has a more curved body type they would more likely be in trouble for dressing inappropriately compared to someone who has a slimmer figure. None of this is to be ashamed of at all, and isn’t that what school has been teaching us this whole time? To not bully each other and to love ourselves? Then why do school staff suddenly pick on the girl down the hall who is wearing a normal top, saying that she needs to cover up because she has larger breasts or curvier hips? Or even, in some instances, because of the color of their skin?

Point # 3 is about one very popular excuse that schools use to justify their sexist and discriminatory ways, which is this: boys being distracted. So basically I have heard on several accounts that girls have been asked to “dress more appropriately” because the male students are distracted by [the girl’s] bodies and need to focus on their work. This is complete BS because 1) I personally have more faith in a large majority of guys to not be completely distracted from what they are learning because of what ONE GIRL is wearing; 2) Even if guys are distracted isn’t that their problem? I think I can speak for many teenage girls when I say I do not want to have to wear a sweater in a hot, stuffy school because some guys are starring at me; and finally 3) Why aren’t boys told to cover up when they are outside playing soccer or basketball or even ultimate frisbee? Guys are not the only ones that can be distracted because of sexual urges, so why are girls always the ones being penalized? I honestly think that we should have a little more faith in men and their ability to control their desires, but if we can’t then we should at least accept the fact that women can also have sexual urges and be distracted by said feelings.

Despite my personal views on dress codes, I completely understand why there would be dress codes employed in schools. I would just rather have these rules be enforced equally despite gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or body type. I also want to address the fact that opinions surrounding dress codes may be different in other schools or communities and these are just my personal experiences and responses.

Until next time,

Marin S.