What’s There To Stress About?

We all experience stress, so please don’t stress about stress. We deal with a lot of pressures from other people, from jobs, or just from being in a situation we can’t control and are not comfortable in. I personally understand what it feels like to be completely immersed in stress, I experience it regularly and sometimes it pushes me to my breaking point. It sucks, and not many of us understand the consequences it has on our mental and physical health. As explained in the video, being under a lot of stress can weaken our heart health and our immune system. In some studies people who experience a lot of stress tend to die sooner than others who do not experience it as frequently. But what if some, if not most, of the hype behind stress is not a reaction to being overwhelmed, but the negative way we perceive the feeling of stress?

This video explains a new way of dealing with stress, one that does not involve meditating or special study routines, but involves tricking your brain into thinking positively about the stress you are feeling. I have tried this a couple of times and it has really worked, while other methods have only lessened what I was feeling. I highly recommend this method for anyone who is easily stressed-out or overwhelmed at any point in their lives (so all of you should check this out!).

Click here to watch!

Marin S.

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