Final Writing 101 Prompt

PROMPT: What is something that you cherish most in your life?

The thing that I hold most dear in my life is my teddy bear named Beary. I know, super original right? Well I admit that even though I was fairly creative in my tiny years, I could never remember the names I would give my stuffed animals. So I went old school and the name Beary just seemed to work for him. Anyways, I got Beary when I was about five or six. I was at this birthday party for this girl I used to be friends with in elementary school and the party was hosted at the Chelsea Bear Factory, which is a lot like Build-A-Bear Workshop but better. There I scanned my tiny eyes over the different types of bears I could chose from, all empty and without love until I chose that one special bear to fill with my affection (and stuffing). Most of the kids ran towards the super soft ones or the colored ones or even the ones with patterns on them! But I did not falter. I was looking for THE teddy bear, the one that I was sure to live with for the rest of my life. So you can only imagine how excited I was when I found the one bear for me.


The little thing has followed me through a lot. He is not fluffy, not extravagant, and not at all what people would expect from a cute toy. His eyes are a little too close together and his nose a little too large, but he does his job. For ages I thought I had lost Beary until I found him cleaning out our basement a couple of years ago! The spark was instantly brought back to life and to this day I can’t get to sleep unless I kiss his head. He is the object in my life that I truly cherish and I can’t see myself living without.


Hey, so hope you enjoyed that quick look into my life! Please stay in tuned for more Things Worth Talking About!


Marin S.

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