Lipstick Love

Hey you stylish people!
Today I am recommending one of the best lipstick I have ever worn: Kate by Rimmel London. This brand is beyond my favorite and one of the most highly recommended makeup items by not just myself, but also many Youtube reviewers like Zoella (You should also check her out she is pretty incredible!).


It comes in a bunch of different colors as well as textures! You can get one in a red casing, which has a matte finish and lasts for hours, or you can get the black casing, which has a glossy finish that stays up to normally 5-6 hours with tons of colors to choose from. The black one also smells really good for some reason, so that’s an added bonus!


I personally have not loved any lipstick more than these. There is no lie when I say that they last for hours and still look fresh, so seriously try them out because you won’t find another drugstore lipstick that is THAT GOOD!

Expect more makeup recommendations and techniques in the future!
Lots of Love,

Marin S.

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