A Guide To Beautiful Waves Overnight

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I’ve got very curly and frizzy hair that is layered and medium length, so finding an easy way to get gorgeous waves overnight has been difficult. The majority of articles are made for one hair type; long and straight.

So after a lot of long nights searching Pinterest and many trial and errors, I’ve come up with a couple that work very well with my hair. I’ve also included some links for you longer haired folks, but this one is mostly for the short haired ladies! I hope you enjoy!

I personally find that side rope braids work best for layers, but I’ve recently been experimenting with headband curls and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it!

Learn how to create these curls here!

If this doesn’t work, here are a couple more links for different hairstyles!

Ways To Get Beach Waves

Braids That Get Waves Overnight

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Hello Beauties!

Guys these products are amazing! No lies, no jokes, just truth. I’ve repurchased all of these at LEAST once, but most are on their 3rd or 4th replacement, which says a lot coming from the girl who can’t settle down with anything (hence being single). Jokes. But seriously, read carefully to this post, and tell me what your life-changing product is in the comments below!

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Batiste Dry Shampoo: I think it’s a brilliantly smart idea to get colored dry shampoo. Why live with clumps of white product in your hair!? It looks like dandruff, why do you want that? That’s no good. No good at all. Unless you’re blonde, then it just kinda blends in.

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You want smooth/frizzless hair? Look no further! I actually use this as a leave in conditioner and it is SO GOOD. Matrix outdid itself with this one! And the packaging looks great, doesn’t it? Plus it’s very affordable.

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Many people overlook the need for a good deodorant. This is a serious problem, especially amongst 6th graders, which I learned from the lengthy discussions about B.O. in class. This Secret Deodorant definitely lasts through showers, workouts, swimming, and most definitely sweating! It will even last till the next morning, so there is no kidding around with this one. Plus, it smells like Paris.

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I’ve talked about this product before and so has everyone else because it is so good. So good guys. Like guys, it is so good! Anyways, I’ve lately been using Simple’s Cleansing Micellar Water as a makeup remover at night and a cleanser in the morning, and I promise you it will deliver amazing results! French models use it. French. Models.

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This is another miracle skincare product! Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Moisturizer is easily comparable to Clinique moisturizers but half the price. It makes your skin hydrated, refreshed, and isn’t greasy at all, so all you oily people can relax. I don’t think I’m ever going to use a different moisturizer!

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The Holy Grail of Shampoos and Conditioners

Dear God, I finally found it! Literally after washing my hair ONCE with Living Proof Frizz Shampoo and Living Proof Restoring Mask Treatment my hair was so incredibly smooth! I have wavy/curly, shoulder-length, layered hair that has always felt like it was not smooth. You know when no matter how soft or styled your hair looks but then you run your fingers through it and are just disappointed by the texture and layers? Yeah, well that’s my hair. Everyday. So I have tried practically everything from no frizz sprays to insane moisture restoration shampoo and conditioner combinations with minor to temporary improvements.

Finally, after an hour of research on the differences between Moroccan and Macadamia oil, I decided that I would head over to my trusty Ulta store for some in-person advice. Immediately when I told the woman my problem she directed me to Living Proof, amongst other less appealing options. Turns out that Jennifer Aniston (who can resist Jen, am I right?!) is the co-owner of the company and that Allure Magazine voted the frizz-fighting duo for the best shampoo and conditioner of 2014.

Travel Shampoo, $10, Ulta; Travel Conditioner, $10, Ulta; Travel Restoration Mask, FREE usually $12, Ulta
Travel Shampoo, $10, Ulta; Travel Conditioner, $10, Ulta; Travel Restoration Mask, FREE usually $12, Ulta

To make the whole thing 10 times better, the old-as-time sales pitch turned out to be true; I really saw results after one use! Plus, I was outside in the rain and humidity all day without an umbrella (super smooth Marin) and my hair held up!

I bought the travel/sample size in the shampoo and conditioner, but believe me I am definitely getting more! I will also keep you updated on future uses as well as write a post on my hair care routine, so stay tuned! I will also post photos of my second-day hair after washing with these products so you can check them out!

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