Hawaiian Travels in Film Pt. 2

FujiPro400H (expired)005

FujiPro400H (expired)013

FujiPro400H (expired)019

FujiPro400H (expired)015

FujiPro400H (expired)024

FujiPro400H (expired)029

Nikon FE, Hawaii, FujiPro 400H shot at 400 (expired)

In this post my boyfriend, our friend, and I went on a hike through the mountains. Some of the beginning shots were of the jungle trail we pushed through to get to this beautiful lookout where you could see the rest of the beautiful mountains surrounding us.

Afterwards we got back a bit late, so the second to last photo is of the neighborhood we parked in at the bottom of the mountain. I absolutely loved how the clouds beautifully moved around the tops of the mountains. It was incredible how this expired film picked up the colors of the clouds, the light coming through them, and the light from the street lamp.

The final photo is of my boyfriend’s home one afternoon. I wasn’t expecting this photo to turn out well, but I ended up liking the leading lines, the ways the trees were captured, and the huge clouds in the background. This film really captured the yellow in the house as well, which made me happy!


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