Hawaiian Travels

Kodak Ektar 100001

Kodak Ektar 100012

Kodak Ektar 100008

Kodak Ektar 100010

Kodak Ektar 100022

Kodak Ektar 100014

Kodak Ektar 100018

Nikon FE, Hawaii, Ektar 100 ISO Shot at 100 

I had the incredible opportunity to go to Hawaii this summer to see my boyfriend, so obviously I needed to document it in film. In this post I was shooting on Ektar 100 speed film, and it turned out beautifully! If you want vibrant colors (predominantly reds) I would recommend this film. BUT, because the reds are so intense, darker skin tones don’t turn out as well. Just a warning.

First we went to Sherwood Beach, which has the most beautiful trees and water I have ever seen. I had to grab a photo of the trees that lined the beach, and in it you can see a few strung-up hammocks throughout the trees. The next photo is of the actual beach, water, and mountains. The blues in the water are perfectly captured by the Ektar, but you can see that the skin tones of the people are a bit red.

The next few photos are of some beaches that we passed by on the highway. One side of a parking lot had a beautiful view of the coastline, while the other had a steep slope that led down to a little cove. People were jumping off the rocks, swimming in the shallow water, and blasting music while sunbathing. It was absolutely beautiful.

The next two photos are of the Dole’s Pineapple farm in the North Shore. We pulled over onto the side of the highway to climb onto this beautiful field of pineapples surrounded by mountains and beautiful clouds. I was so content with how the Ektar film picked up the green in the pineapple leaves.

Finally, on the way home we stopped by the Disney Resort in Oahu, where we saw the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen. In this photo I was able to capture the rocks surrounding the cove and a small group of people standing on the rocks.

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