What a Teenage Girl Wants for Christmas, From the Perspective of a Teenage Girl

We’re confusing things, I’ll admit it. Unless I so much as blatantly point it out, I have no clue what I’m getting for the holidays. While everyone and their potato chip is writing about gifts for him and gifts for her, I’m gonna tell you 10 Things A Teenage Girl Wants (present wise).

1. Fuzzy Socks: Highest priority, no doubt about it.DSC_0022

2. A gift package from the Body Shop, preferably in her favorite scent, which you should know by now.

3. Gift Cards from Forever 21, Lulu Lemon (I’ve heard, not a fan myself), and American Eagle. She will adore you.DSC_0025

4. Literally anything from Lush

5. A scented candle from Anthropology– We don’t like to let others know that we’re stinky…

6. A new iPhone case. Or a new iPhone. Or honestly just an iTunes Gift Card.DSC_0029

7. A boy, preferably (but not limited to) a teenage one, with happy eyes and a drop-dead gorgeous smile.


8. Or a girl, depending on the person and their preferences.rs_1024x698-150223155815-1024-jennifer-lawrence-dior-campaign.jw.22315

9. A Starbucks gift card— I don’t actually go there or even drink coffee, but shout out for those that do! *EXCEPTION*: DO NOT get her this if she is openly, and for whatever reason, against the new Red Cups. I don’t get it either, but I’m saving you from a world of hurt here.

10. Whoever you are in her life– A significant other, a parent, a friend– Just show her that you love her. That’s the best gift that she could ever get this year, especially if she’s a stressed-out senior. Just show her you care.DSC_0011


Until next time…


Going Back In Time

Hello Beauties!

Recently I’ve noticed that I’ve been completely involved in everything. Whether it’s been school, college, or friend related, I’ve been constantly going. I feel like I’m always working, and when I’m not doing that, I’m just waiting for the next person to text me. I think because of this I’ve been unnecessarily stressed, and I’ve forgotten that this blog is a place for me to destress while connecting with all of you! I love seeing your comments and talking to you guys. It makes me feel so much closer to you!

So let’s all just take a moment, calm down, and be transported back to our favorite place. For me, there is a certain song that reminds me of this moment. Maybe it’s the feeling of wind or the sound of the ocean? Whatever it is, take a moment and reflect.

Now, let’s get into the post.

I was going to talk about Homecoming and share photos and all of that, but you’ve already read it before, so I decided to share this little day trip my mom took me on the last weekend of summer. We went to South Haven, a cute little beach town in Michigan, where we shopped, swam, and read. I couldn’t have come up with a better way to end my summer, so I took photos as to not forget it. Obviously.
IMG_7472 IMG_7474

I got the best ice cream known to man. I always get it when I visit…


… And we went resale shopping where I spent 20 minutes reading old love letters on postcards…


… Then we went and read on the beach, which couldn’t have been more relaxing except for the Frat boys in the cottage near us…


… And we finished at our favorite Italian restaurant, Maria’s, where they always seem to run out of tomato sauce and bread sticks. The cannoli was great though!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a moment and remember your favorite moment. Jot some things down and really focus on the details. It’s like taking you back in time. Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,


Wrapping Up September!

Hello Beauties!

September can be hectic. It’s the month of “getting in the swing of things”. It’s when you’re super tired, school is getting harder, and the weather is changing. For some, all of these differences are welcomed! For others, it’s painful. So let me help you ease into October with these favorite products and tips. Enjoy!

Be sure to take time for you

You deserve it, especially now. You’re taking on clubs, jobs, a social life, work, etc. When you are doing any of that you’re sleeping, or you wish you’re sleeping. Now let’s think about taking a BREAK. Relax a little; you’ll find that’s the only way to not go crazy with your busy life. Grab a blanket and your favorite pillow and chillllll. 


Lotion is your best friend

The best way to treat yourself is to keep yourself hydrated, especially with winter coming. Before bed, when you wake up, or any time you feel it, grab your lotion of choice and lather up! Make sure that your morning scent will help you stay awake and your night scent will help calm you.


Don’t worry about the small stuff 

The worst thing to do is overthink the little pieces when you’ve got so many big pieces on your plate. Not only are you wasting time and brainpower, but you’re stressing yourself out more. The little things are little. They don’t matter at all. Just stay focused and keep your brain from replaying that awkward interaction in the hallway or that coffee stain you never knew you had all day long. You’ve got better things to do.

Hot baths are also your best friend

Don’t skip out on a nice bubble bath. Never skip out on a nice bubble bath. Don’t even begin to think about life without a nice bubble bath.


Keep everything organized

It’s a waste of time to try to remember everything you have to do. Even if you try to force yourself, it doesn’t work. Don’t do it. Keep a cool planner with compliments and snarky remarks to make you excited about starting your To Do list.


Maybe you’re doing too much?

Maybe you need to cut back on some things. Maybe that Monday night book club isn’t necessary or you have no time this weekend to get anything done. Make sure that you’re putting yourself first; cutting back on your schedule doesn’t make you a failure, it shows that you know yourself and your limits. Better to figure this out now rather than later.


READ (only with tea present)

I’ve been taking a course dedicated to making me read more than I do, and I’ve loved it. Sometimes the last thing you want after perusing over documents and textbooks is to read, but it’s so GOOD for you! Let yourself go a little, not just tune out in front of Netflix. This must have tea involved, no exceptions.


Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,


Meet QWERTY Girl’s New Blogger!

Dear Beauties,

If you are an avid reader of this magnificent blog, or follow Marin on social media, you probably have seen my name/face in a few posts. I am the lucky girl that took her to prom, did urban ballet photos, and have done a few videos with her.

I’m Avery Pieronek! Marin asked for me to partner up with her on a few things involving her blog. So expect to see a post from me on Tuesdays, and participation in some photography and other posts with her.

A little about me! I am a freshman at Washtenaw Community College, going in on a full ride presidential scholarship, currently pursuing a degree in Graphic Design with hopes of transferring to Kendall. I am a family girl, and a Michigan girl. I doubt I’ll ever move from this state! Despite my roots being here, my heart is all the way in England with a boy named Ben. Go check him out his blog here.

What I hope to bring to this blog is a different level of makeup. Occasionally I will plug for makeup that I truly feel is worth the investment, seeing as I usually purchase higher end brands from Sephora. While Marin deals with the stuff that won’t break your budget, I will bring you the products that you can invest in without the doubt of whether its worth it!

Not only will I discuss high end makeup, but I will discuss higher end photography and and give you updates on my journey to mastering the camera and how to master the surroundings.

This is still all Marin! I’m just helping to keep the work load down now that she’s all grown up in her senior year. I look forward to becoming a bigger part of her community.

And alike any blogger, I shall sign off Avery style.

Pies, Photos, and Polish Polka,


The Reinvented Workspace

Hello Beauties!

Even though I don’t like thinking about going back to late night study sessions and eight hours away from my bed, I really needed to revamp my work space. I really needed to revamp my workspace. And now that I have, I feel slightly more productive! Slightly.

This new desk has also SERIOUSLY opened-up my room as well, which is so, so nice since I don’t have a big room (most of it is taken up by my bed). So enjoy these photos; maybe they will give you ideas for your own space, maybe it will please the organized freak in you. Who knows!

These super cute tin and cork top boxes are perfect for any random bits that you’ve got hanging around

DSC_0019 DSC_0017

My favorite candle ever.
I found this cute little globe at a resale shop, and it’s natural to have it next to a painting of Paris

DSC_0020 DSC_0024

Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks,