Overreacting, Being Overwhelmed, and Everything In Between

Today I will be addressing many issues that we all experience on a daily basis, and that’s overacting. Currently I am taking courses at a college for summer program full of bright and well educated people around the same age as me. This can cause quite a stressful environment, especially when you are like me and you get intimidated easily. Any little interaction between you and another peer can be exaggerated, whether it was good or bad, and can decide the type of attitude you have for the rest of the experience.

It’s not that bad, I promise you. Unless you spilled food all over the person you are completely fine. Yes, first impressions are important, but think about it, when has your very first impression of someone been correct? Sure, you might be right some of the time, but think of all the important people in your life and then think back to when you first met/saw/heard about them. And see how your opinion has changed over time? So first impressions aren’t that big of a deal after all. And if you do see them as such, then get pumped because now you have the opportunity to prove that person wrong!

Another thing that many of us struggle with is being overwhelmed. Now this is something that I constantly live with. Whenever there is a lot of work, slightly harder than what I expected, or stressful overall it is extremely easy to get overwhelmed. And what is worse is when there are multiple stressful tasks all building on top of each other.

If it is a task or homework or work projects I recommend making a list. Put whatever is most important (due sooner, longer to finish, etc.) first and continue to categorize accordingly. Now it can be very hard to relax and organize yourself when you are freaking out and about to have a panic attack, so I have a little technique that seems to help me when I am at that point. I picture a black chalkboard and I write everything that is stressing me out on it, then I take the eraser and clear the board of all your troubles. Next write down everything that you are thankful for, that you love, and makes you happy! This helps me to relax in the moment and get back into a more positive mindset.

One last thing before I sign off, whenever anything is stressing you out, take things slow. Eat well, do what must be done soonest, and make sure to take a lot of 5 minute breaks! Play music and jump and down and eat a snack to energize yourself for the next task. Remember, your brain can only handle so much hard-core concentration for a small amount of time before it starts tuning out and stressing you out even more!

I hope this advice helps any of you that need it! Also comment if you have any tips or tricks you would like to share to help deal with these feelings!

Write you later!
Marin S.

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