Writing 101

Prompt: Write about an event that has impacted you and what would happen if it was cancelled.

Top of the Park is cancelled? FOREVER? Now every night from Tuesday to Sunday will be bleak and empty. If you live in Ann Arbor you understand that Top of the Park (or TOP as the locals so affectionately call it) is the biggest freakin’ deal in modern life. All of the high schoolers wait patiently for the music festival that also displays feature films at 10 PM. All of the young kids run through the park, going from one activity to the next, while the parents have an ice-cold beer and listen to some local singers performing just for them. Every day for the month of June this beautiful, wonderful, unique festival occurs (except Mondays of course) and the whole city participates in it. People even come from across the country to listen to one-of-a-kind musicians and bands perform here. I can’t even begin to fathom TOP disintegrating into nothingness, leaving all the people of Ann Arbor without nightly plans. The summer would not be the same if it didn’t exist. The People will morn the loss of such a great program. Many will weep for months afterwards. Some will just die of boredom. But that would not last for long, no sir, because the people of Ann Arbor are strong and witty and hard working! We will avenge TOP and create a new music festival during the month of June! It will be called something along the lines of Top of the City (TOC) or maybe Ann Arbor Music Festival During the Month of June (A2MFDMOJ). Probably something better than that but it will happen nonetheless. The citizens of Ann Arbor will be bored and lifeless no more. 

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