What A Dress!

Hello My Beauties!

This was supposed to be posted yesterday but, you know, life happens. So I am posting today! Welcome to Fashion Tuesday (Wednesday)!

Dress: Forever21; Shirt: Nordstrom; Hat: H&M; Shoes: DSW; Socks: Macy’s

With the colder, fall weather approaching, this dress (or one like it) is a must have! Last year I was seriously into flare dresses with tight waists. This year I have gone in a completely different direction. Honestly though, whatever body shape or style you have, a loose dress is perfect for you! The that I am sporting in the photos is called an overall dress from Forever21, but you can get them anywhere! A list of possible stores will be included below.








I paired it with a super cute bowler hat from H&M to make it a little more quirky as well as play off the obvious black and white theme that is going on there! I also added huge, wooly socks (super great idea when it was 93 degrees out, good job Marin) with a pair of high-heel booties from DSW. They are so super cute and can be paired with anything in my closet! The bottoms have even worn out from how many times I’ve worn them πŸ™‚

So decked out in this one! Tote: American Eagle; Glasses: NYC
So decked out in this one!
Tote: American Eagle; Glasses: NYC

Where to Buy

Urban Outfitters




American Eagle

‘Til Next Time,

Marin XO

Photo Credits: Walker Baron

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