Avery: My Lush Review!

Hello beauties!


My first thoughts were “meh, seems kind of expensive”.

Then I kept coming back in due to the wonderful smell.

Then I decided it was the day.

Now that I am an employed cosmetic sales associate and a way too stressed out college student, I decided it was time to treat myself.

I purchased the Dragons Egg, a Yuzu&Cocoa Bubbleroon, a bath bomb, and what is called a “bubble bar”, which creates the most wonderful scented bubbly bath in the world. I tried them both within a week due to a messed up shower and rare free time.

Boy was I in for a treat.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 4.13.43 PM

I tried the Dragons Egg first and it was delightfully scented with citrus and jasmine. The ‘shell’ of the egg dissolved to release silky soft rainbow rice paper circles. Then the yolk dissolved into the most epic orangey/yellow burst of biodegradable glitter the world has ever seen. I felt incredible afterwards. Soft, silky smooth, relaxed, and smelling fantastic. Not to mention my coating of glitter was splendid.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 4.14.04 PM

The Yuzu&Cocoa bubbleroon I got to use twice since it can be broken in two. You are supposed to crumble it up and put it under the running tap. I really vigorously mixed my bathtub so it would bubble even more and it sure as heck did. I got some very cute selfies while I was at it. A lime green bath goes really well with a pink filter, by the way.

It smelled wonderful of course, I emerged soft and relaxed, and the bubbles were so fun and lasted until I got out.

Another perk were my 3 samples. Samples I used for about 2 weeks! I ended up returning to purchase my I Love Juicy shampoo, and I will probably return to purchase the Veganese conditioner.

Over all, I am super impressed by my first purchase with LUSH. I am really looking forward to exploring their brand.

My next wish? Being able to visit a LUSH spa.

I have missed writing for Marin’s blog.

Expect a lot more makeup/beauty reviews from me in the future. Now that I am a cosmetic retailer I think I’ve got this stuff down. 😉

Pies, Photos, and Polish Polka,





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