The Guide To High School Relationships!

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Now, I know that I don’t have a lot of experience in this field as some of my peers do, but honestly high school relationships stump me. They scare me. But more than anything else, they always end up surprising me. So I thought that I would write about it, put it all down on paper, and help you guys (as well as myself) figure them out. So here it is, The Guide To High School Relationships:

*Disclaimer time: No matter what relationship you are in/been in, that does not mean that you are exactly like these relationships or that you will end up like these relationships. Be confident in whatever works for you and know that these are my personal opinions!

The “PDA” Couple

This is the couple that can’t get their hands off each other. Whether it is just constantly holding hands, or even a full make out session in the halls, these people refuse to acknowledge that anyone else is around them. That’s not to say that being completely platonic is good, I mean we all want a little PDA here and there, but there is definitely a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Ever.

The “Romeo and Juliet” Couple

They are that one couple that is secretive, sometimes even to the point of avoiding one another, all because something gets in the way. Whether it’s their parents, friends, or general awkwardness of talking at school. They just don’t acknowledge each other. But you better believe that when they are alone there is INSANE chemistry!

The “Friend” Couple

These are the couples that act like total friends to the point where people never even know that they are in a relationship. It’s not that they hide the fact like they are dating, they’re just so friendly/comfortable with each other that they don’t feel the need to establish their relationship. They are flirtatious and nice, but what person isn’t to their friends?

The “Actually Friends” Couple

Now this couple isn’t really a couple, but everyone thinks that they are. Unlike the aforementioned “Friend” Couple, they act overly flirtatious towards each other but have a mutual understanding that it is going nowhere. Yet everyone else doesn’t know they aren’t dating and so they start to “ship” the two and everything just ends up in flames. Sad, confused, flames.

The “Oh No They Didn’t!” Couple

This is the couple that argues to no end. Most of the time they don’t even know what they were arguing about in the first place! They could be talking about the differences between cats and dogs, and then all of a sudden they ARE acting like cats and dogs (no offense to the cats or dogs)! And the whole time their friends are just sitting there, listening to the insults and the ramblings that are spouting from the two. In the end the end they always makeup while the rest of us are left to ponder over how they are still together.

The “That Couple” Couple

Finally, we all know/have the pleasure of knowing “That Couple”. This is the couple that I honestly have the up-most respect for because some who, despite everything, makes it work. They are the golden couple that gives hope to the rest of us. That are high school sweethearts, somehow are able to maintain a long distance relationship, and best of all genuinely love each other. We never compare ourselves to them, not just because we know that there is no way we could ever be in a relationship that amazing when we are so young, but because we all know deep down that they aren’t perfect. But that is what makes them INCREDIBLE! They are able to go through all the crap that everyone else deals with and are still able to stay together! They are the little miracle ones that restore hope amongst all of the craze of high school, and I thank them everyday for it.

‘Till Next Time,

Marin XO

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