Guys… this is bad.

No, I have not killed anyone or participated in any illegal acts. I am guilty of not posting here in a long time. I’m super sorry!

Small update/ list of excuses:
As I have probably announced before, I have started a Youtube channel! I am very excited about it and I will be releasing it shortly, I just want to get more videos up first and get into the groove of editing and uploading on time.

Next thing is that there is this really awesome blogging conference this weekend that I am attending called Bloggy Conference. I am super excited for this and I can’t wait to relay everything exciting that happened there with all of you! I am also going to be interviewed by IndiaLynRose while there so stay in tuned for that!

I also have a lot of cool post ideas that will become reality in due time, so thank you all for being patient and standing by me!

Other than that I will keep you guys updated into what exciting things are happening with QWERTY so stay tuned!

Marin XO

PS: Leave a post idea about me or fashion or beauty recommendations to do in the future! I always want to keep you guys in the loop and stand by you since you are what matters most to me. Keep commenting, liking, following, and spreading the news! SUCH LOVE!!!!

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